Dick Burkhart, West Coast member, the UUMUAC Board of Directors

As I see it, there are two primary dynamics going on. (1) White guilt stemming from slavery, Jim Crow, etc., and (2) upper middle-class comfort with voracious capitalism because it has served them well, despite its predatory actions toward the majority, and especially the white working class (because it had more to lose and more vulnerable, not because it was white).

But the political landscape is shifting so rapidly that it's hard to predict what twists and turns it might take, except that things look pretty grim over the long haul. Think about the prospect of Miami and much of south Florida being under 10 feet of water by 2050, of routine massive forest fires, floods, and droughts, of oil quadrupling in price, global economic depression, spreading warfare, etc.

A report on the struggle against neo-racism in the Midwest Region since the decision to outlaw UUMUAC in no particular order:

A list of our defeats

1. Being lied about by members of BLUU at the 2016 Regional Assembly for seeking to expel them from our workshop, leading to us being blacklisted by the RA leadership;

2. New lies about us leading to the cancellation of a major conference on opposing neoracist un/employment in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

3. A failure by regional UU congregations to publicize our powerful program honoring our white cousins who died and killed at the Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg opposing the white supremacist Confederate army.

4. Refusal to allow us to have exhibit space at the Mid Am Regional meeting 2019.

5. Refusal to allow us to be a covenanted organization because of our dissent over the doctrine of white supremacy.

6. Expelling our social justice partner, UU’s for Social Justice, for having us as members, because we had publicly called for UU’s in the Chicago area to give money to UUMUAC if they did not want to give money to BLUU.

8. Refusal to have a UUMUAC literature table at Chicago Area UU Council (UUMUAC) meetings, even though it was members of UUMUAC who led the way in rebuilding CAUUC.

9. Forcing us to voluntarily resign from the UUSJ by creating an atmosphere of resentment against us by veteran UUSJ members.

10. The banning of the Nature of Racism class by a unanimous vote of the BOT of First U Society Chicago because the class constantly attacked both neoracism and the purveyors of neoracism.

A list of our victories.

  1. Developing a MAC nucleus in the Kokomo Indiana region, led by our second open MAC minister., and having a small workshop with them in July 2019

  2. Getting a 75 per cent renewal rate during a recent membership drive. Becoming a fully autonomous 501 (C) 3, organization, with our own financial base.

  3. Maintaining friendly relations with those UU officials who have been assigned to contain us, symbolized by our recently successful presence at plenary sessions, leafleting activities, and a small workshop at the recent Mid Am regional meeting in St Louis, including hosting a March madness basketball event

  4. The outpouring of support for our spokesperson, that’s me, for his commitment to the 4th principle at First U - Chicago, despite the attempt to scandalize his name and isolate him from the congregation as a trouble maker at General Assemblies.

  5. Helping to raise 5000 dollars for our Afghan Women’s Fund project, despite the refusal of the Chicago Area UU Council to advertise the event.

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