Conversation with MAC leader Carl Wolf, Hobart UU Church, Indiana

In the past philosophers have studied history; we as ideologists aim to change history, but not in any old way, since objective circumstances frame our attempt. Historically speaking, multiracial unity in various forms has been the basis of human progress since the destruction of the Neolithic Communes thousands of years ago and is therefore the wave of the future symbolized by UUMUAC's potentially leading role.

Our role is to make that clear as an ideological position, front and center, and not as just a slogan on the side or a by the way, especially the most advanced position of all, that white workers, students, and professionals are hurt by anti-black racism. Our MAC work in Illinois is constrained by the neo-racist, illiberal democratic (neo-fascists) forces arrayed against us, but a small opening has emerged in Indiana which will help our work here in Illinois and around the country...dare I say the world; e.g., in Hobart, Indy, and Kokomo?

The overall plan is to have nuclei and chapters of MAC in the Midwest since this will be the historic center of our work and in that framework the Mid America Region of the UUA is the key and one of those keys is a limited Midwest conference on neo-racist un/employment in Lansing Michigan in October 2019, mobilizing all our forces and their friends. Our weakness is that we do not yet have committed cadre to help with that task, to give hands on leadership -- as the old revolutionary Christians used to say: the harvest is great, the laborers are few.

Objectively, except for our aging leadership, the younger members of MAC also have other lives to lead in areas of work, family life, and personal development.

h. Politically, those lives are in jeopardy because of the coming of the three D's of a racist imperialist system: The Great Depression II, Disruption created by climate change, and the coming Devastation of World War III. So when our founding fathers and mothers of the Koinonia argued that the fight against racism from a pro working class, multiracial perspective was a life and death struggle, they were not kidding.

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